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Invitation to a Dialogue: Hurdles to Mental Care
It has been a decade of tragedy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports increasing suicide rates since 2000. News articles about mass shootings and extreme violence are routine.  Full article

Schizophrenia and the Art of the Possible
“Successful and Schizophrenic,” by Elyn R. Saks (Sunday Review, Jan. 27), provides a poignant reflection on the writer’s many achievements. Sadly, the article offers readers a remarkably dismal perspective on what doctors expect from schizophrenic patients. Full article

Sunday Dialogue: Treating Mental Illness
It has been a decade of tragedy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports increasing suicide rates since 2000. News articles about mass shootings and extreme violence are routine. Full article

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Achieving Bright Futures Through Modern Psychiatry
Imagine that you are struggling daily with diabetes that you couldn't get under control.  Your blood sugar levels are fluctuating radically, making it impossible to participate in your usual work and family obligations. You would do anything to get your symptoms under control so that you could feel healthy again. Full article


After her talk of suicide, is Ronda Rousey pushing herself too fast? UFC’s biggest star is attempting to will herself past defeat, depression, and a suicidal urge in the same way she’s led her life in the octagon.

Ronda Rousey is one strong, scary woman. Other than her recent matchup against Holly Holm, a humbling defeat for the UFC superstar, the 29-year-old Rousey has been a fierce mixed martial arts brawler, one accustomed to quick, convincing victories and the fame and riches that have followed. Full article

To fight the darkness, change your routine
It seems like it’s always dark out, and lately your idea of socializing involves Snapchatting a selfie of you binge-watching yet another TV show.  The long, dark days of winter are here, dipping moods as low as the temperatures and triggering hibernation instincts. But experts say there are many things one can do to beat the winter blues, from redecorating your home to planning for a race or future trip to being more creative with your social calendar. Full article


Do I Look Fat? Men Ask This Question, Too

Movies and TV shows full of svelte celebrities. Magazines and websites pushing weight loss and exercise. It is tough being a man these days. Full article


Depression is not a weakness or a personality trait
What do you think about when you hear the word “depression”?
Many people resonate with this term. Having a bad day is a common experience—whether it’s triggered by an argument, loss of a job, or simply a product of a rainy day. For many people, such experiences leave them saying things like, “I feel depressed.” But in fact, not many people are aware that there is a major difference between feeling depressed and having depression.
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Addicted to Hope—The Evolution of a Harvard Psychiatrist’s Understanding of Alcoholism
I introduced myself as his psychiatrist and asked, “What can I do for you?” He replied, “Pour me a drink.”  Most clinicians involved in the treatment of addiction find their ideas about etiology and treatment change over time. Full article


Bill Cosby: Patriarch to Predator
Shame and public attitudes that “she deserved it” prevent many women from reporting rape.  The dozens of women who accused Bill Cosby, nonetheless, found their voice.  They are survivors and will undoubtedly serve as inspirations to other women who have experienced sexual assault. Full article

Ending Stigma on the TEDx Stage
“What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened?!”  This is literally a question I often get asked after people learn that I am a psychiatrist – and one who works on a locked psychiatric unit. 
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More articles from Dr. Farrell on the Frontpage Forensics. Law and order from the couch


The Upside Of Admission To The Psych Unit: A Doctor’s Inside View
I met J in the Emergency Department. Dark red blood was oozing out of self-inflicted deep lacerations to her forearms. The surgical team was consulted and the cuts were debrided, cleaned, stitched and neatly bandaged. J was patched up. But she was not healed. Her wounds ran deeper than a surgeon’s instruments could access. Full article


Do Antidepressants Double The Risk Of Aggression In Kids?
Do antidepressants make aggressive behavior more likely in kids? A new analysis of old clinical trial data says maybe — but it also highlights serious problems in how drug companies collect and report side effects. Full article


Don't ask a doctor for a casual prescription
Have you ever experienced excruciating pain, terrifying anxiety, or flu-like symptoms? You are not alone, and like others you have probably encountered subsequent difficulties in getting a doctor's appointment, taking time off work and dealing with insurance companies. Full article


Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness
There is something mysterious about mental illness.  Most common medical problems manifest through very obvious signs and symptoms. The flu generally comes with sweating, shaking and fevers. Full article


Fighting the stigma of mental illness, creating positive change
Helen M. Farrell, MD, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, discusses her recent TEDx talk, “Creating Hope for Mental Health,” which explores the stigma surrounding mental illness and how to transform that perception. Full article


TEDx Xavier University returns for fourth year
TEDx Xavier University featured five speakers who discussed their thoughts on the theme of Hope: A Driving Force into the Future. . . .Topics include breaking down the stigma of mental illnesses in society, helping attendees find their own potential by turning adversity into advantage, showcasing Cincinnati and its commitment to renewal and hope through urban development, inspiring hope in future leaders in a different type of classroom setting and the ability of entrepreneurship to begin, and inspire social change.  Full article


Mass shootings grab headlines, but others go under radar

The numbers jump off the page: Nine dead on an Oregon college campus, 12 in a theater in Aurora, Colorado. Thirteen soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood, Texas; 32 people at Virginia Tech; 13 at a community center in Binghamton, New York. Twenty-six dead — 20 of them young children — at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Full article


Journalistes tués en Virginie: Les tueurs de masse à l'heure des réseaux sociaux et du direct

J’ai filmé la fusillade. Regardez sur Facebook. » Après avoir abattu deux journalistes en direct – et avant de se suicider – le tireur live-tweet sa virée meurtrière pendant sa fuite. En ligne, à cause de la lecture automatique (autoplay) des vidéos partagées, des internautes deviennent des spectateurs, parfois contre leur gré, d’un double meurtre vu à travers les yeux du tueur. Selon le psychiatre Jeffrey Lieberman, professeur à l’université Columbia, « il s’agit de la première tuerie produite pour les réseaux sociaux ». Et à l’heure des selfies ou du streaming de Periscope, ce ne sera sans doute pas la dernière. Full article


Violence and Social Media, Emotion Code, Movies
Dr. Helen Farrell is a Board certified Psychiatrist & Forensic Psychiatrist. She is a Harvard Medical School Instructor in psychiatry and a staff psychiatrist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. Dr. Farrell describes this conflict saying, “Social media and live streaming can be excellent tools for quick dissemination of news, marketing, and entertainment - but there is more.  Such platforms also provide an outlet for exhibitionism and this can lead to disastrous consequences.” She’s joining us today to teach us more about the affects social media has played in our understating of violence. Full interview


Drinking Tips from the Irish
What are you drinking this St. Patrick’s Day? If you choose to forego alcohol this holiday, as I plan to do, you can still enjoy the merriment of Ireland’s most celebrated holiday.  St. Patrick himself was a bishop whose life was notable for modesty and sobriety. Yet, Ireland is strongly associated with its significant drinking culture. It’s debatable why the Irish drink so much but as James Joyce put it: “Ireland sober is Ireland stiff.”  Full article

Mastering Your Resolutions
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or is it?  As the New Year has blown in, it brought with it a blast of cold air threatening even the heartiest of resolution makers. There will be frigid temperatures and long winter nights. The most sobering reality, however, is the fact that a new year does not necessarily mean a new you. Full article


Justin Bieber's Breakdown - Stressed Having To Support Entire Family
Justin Bieber’s bizarre, bold and sometimes bratty behavior lately has everyone patiently waiting for a full-scale Charlie Sheen-style meltdown, but when you really consider Justin’s situation, you can’t blame him for his erratic behavior. Full article

Why Lindsay’s Parents are Finally in Therapy with Her
Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan's counselors at Betty Ford want her parents Dina and Michael Lohan to get to rehab ASAP for a series of sessions with LiLo.  Michael is 100% onboard, we’re not sure where Dina stands, but according to Harvard Psychiatrist Helen M. Farrell, this could be the key to Lindsay finally getting her life together.  Full article

What is a 5150 hold and how can it help Amanda Bynes? 
In the last two days, the Internet has been going crazy with talk of Amanda Bynes, 5150 holds, conservatorships, and possible schizophrenia.  A) What does it all mean? And B) How can this help Amanda Bynes?  Firstly, what is a 5150 hold in non-medical terms? Full article

Why Amanda Bynes is pushing away family 
Amanda Bynes' behavior lately can be summed up non-elegantly as “crazy.” Yes, her tweets are bizarre. Yes, that video was unsettling. Yes, her wig and fashion statements are weird, but what we find most unnerving is the fact that it seems like her parents have completely abandoned her.  Full article

Paris’ suicide attempt was not cry for help
Two nights ago, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital after she attempted to commit suicide.  She reportedly cut herself with a meat cleaver, overdosed on Motrin, left a suicide note and called a suicide hotline. Full article


Why this is an exciting time to work in psychiatry
Today, I celebrated mental health care.  And this was after a morning of battling with insurance companies, patching together community care plans, trying to create an inpatient bed for a suicidal patient where none exist, and arguing with agencies for better patient support. 
Full article

Getting into a residency: 5 tips for a dynamic personal statement
It’s that time of year when third year medical students are grappling with anxiety as they prepare their residency applications.  Those uncertain feelings of ambivalence can only be assuaged by a successful “match.”  Critical to recruitment committees, but often overlooked by students, are the influential personal statements.  Full article

Giving feedback and asking for it is vital to progressing medicine
Giving and receiving feedback is really hard.  When I left training and joined the faculty at a major medical school last year I found many things about my new position daunting.  Fitting into a well established practice; learning a new system; being a teacher; juggling different services and roles; billing appropriately; and last but not least, giving feedback. Full article

A Doctor Spreads Hope on the TED Stage
Today, I celebrated mental health care.  And this was after a morning of battling with insurance companies, patching together community care plans, trying to create an inpatient bed for a suicidal patient where none exist, and arguing with agencies for better patient support. 
Full article