Dr. Farrell’s TEDx Talk on Creating Hope for Mental Health, has been viewed across the globe and is making an impact on reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.  Her message is clear, “a mental illness might alter one’s trajectory.  But it does not have to define it.”  Dr. Farrell believes that mental health needs to be discussed more openly and understood by all.  Following the widespread success of her TEDx Talk, Dr. Farrell is currently working on a script for animation about depression that will further aim to educate and entertain the public.  Dr. Farrell blends the art of storytelling with informative content and optimism.  She believes that  good mental health is essential to peak performance, stamina, and triumph.  She speaks on a diverse range of topics including:


Addiction and Recovery
Maximize Career Performance
Emotional Regulation

Preventing Burnout and Stress
The Art of Feedback
Professional Growth and Leadership




What is depression?
TEDEd: Lessons Worth Sharing

Listen as Dr. Farrell discusses depression, the leading cause of disability in the world.

Creating Hope for Mental Health
TEDx: Xavier University

Listen as Dr. Farrell discusses the current stigma around mental health and redefines the meaning of the word "normal."