Yes, it might look better to save the photo for the bio/about page.Trying to do 4 things in this website (promote my boutique private
psychiatry practice, a forensic psychiatry practice, writer, and
speaker.  A lot for one site, but I know it can be amazing!!

For the cover, I'm thinking:

          Helen M. Farrell, M.D.
Psychiatrist & Forensic Psychiatrist

Helen M. Farrell, M.D.
Psychiatrist |  Forensic Psychiatrist  |  Keynote Speaker


Dr. Farrell has published widely within academic journals, has spoken at national and international forensic conferences, and has also presented to members of the American Bar Association on topics ranging from ethics to addiction to the science of memory.  Book chapters include; Civil Competencies published in the APA Handbook of Forensic Psychology and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which can be found in Psychiatric Expert Testimony: Emerging Applications (Oxford University Press).  She has a wealth of experience assessing violence and suicide risk and Dr. Farrell authored the book chapter, Suicide Risk Assessment, published in 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult (Wolters Kluwer Health).  Her first book, Forensic Psychiatry: Essential Board Review summarizes important concepts within mental health law. 

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Helen M. Farrell, M.D. is an enthusiastic and experienced medical professional; board certified psychiatrist & forensic psychiatrist; writer; and speaker.  She is a Harvard Medical School Instructor in psychiatry and a staff psychiatrist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. 

Dr. Farrell is a medical graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. There she was initially moved by the lyrical and sensitive prose of literary geniuses whose writings gave mental illness an acceptable voice. 

She frequently contributes expert psychiatric commentary to the media and press.  Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Psychology Today, NPR’s CommonHealth Blog and  Dr. Farrell cares deeply about disseminating credible expert commentary on mental health, forensics and wellness.

She gained recognition for her original JAMA article, “A House Built Out of Madness” which sought to overcome stereotypes of mental illness.  Dr. Farrell’s 2015 TEDx Talk, “Creating Hope for Mental Health” has been viewed across the globe and is transforming perceptions of mental illness from stigma into acceptance. 

Dr. Farrell is an award-winning educator at Harvard Medical School and a spirited clinician, writer, and international speaker.  



Dr. Helen M. Farrell, M.D.
Board Certified Psychiatrist & Forensic Psychiatrist

29 Commonwealth Avenue | Suite 906
Boston MA 02116


Dr. Farrell is a board certified forensic psychiatrist.  She consults as an expert witness for both civil and criminal matters where mental health overlaps with the law.

Dr. Farrell is a member of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law in addition to the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association.  She serves within the Massachusetts Medical Society on the committee for Violence and Suicide Prevention.

Dr. Farrell has published widely within academic journals, has spoken at national and international forensic conferences, and has also presented to members of the American Bar Association. 

Dr. Farrell’s first book, Forensic Psychiatry: Essential Board Review (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group), summarizes important concepts within mental health law.  She has also authored chapters in three other books pertaining to mental health and the law. 

Fees - Forensic and Court Evaluation Fees are available upon request.




Dr. Farrell is dedicated to delivering the highest quality psychiatric care to her patients in a relaxed and supportive environment.  The practice is intentionally small and client-focused with a tailored approach to every patient’s unique needs.  Dr. Farrell’s premium service is intended for busy professional adults who are looking to maximize results with a trusted physician. 

Her office is nestled in Boston’s picturesque Back Bay.  Conveniently located on Commonwealth Ave, just steps from the Boston Commons, this idyllic locale with stunning views offers patients a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. 

As a psychiatrist trained in therapy, patients can have one appointment for therapy and medications instead of splitting time and treatment between multiple providers. 

Dr. Farrell is delighted to work with professionals who seek to achieve success and happiness in all facets of life.  She enjoys traveling back to Ireland and agrees with George Bernard Shaw who said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself … Life is about creating yourself.”

Dr. Farrell is optimistic about the progress of mental health and believes that everyone can create his or her own bright future, and many can also use a little help along the way!


The medical records of patients are kept strictly confidential.  Because insurance is not billed directly, her patients have control over their health information.  

To provide outstanding care, it is often crucial to be in contact with patients’ other providers who can help to complete their medical history.  Gathering information from selected sources may provide the most accurate assessment of your current needs.  Dr. Farrell will always obtain a patient’s permission before contacting anyone outside of the office, unless assisting with an emergency that requires immediate action for reasons of safety.

Dr. Farrell does not accept insurances and is a fee-for-service practice. 

Current fees:
25 minute medication evaluation and supportive therapy:    $250
45-50 minute medication evaluation and dynamic therapy:   $400
60 minute initial evaluation or second opinion consultation: $500



MEDIA/PRINT (break this section into sections on the page)

Huffington Post - "Achieving Bright Futures Through Modern Psychiatry" - added on July 7

TEDx Talk - “Creating Hope for Mental Health”

YouTube – “Mental Health Awareness Month Playlist”

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NPR CommonHealth Blog – “The Upside of Admission to the Psych Unit”

The New York Times - “Treating Mental Illness”

Psychology Today –“ Frontpage Forensics: Law and order from the couch”

 Healio - “Fighting the stigma of mental illness, creating positive change”

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“Justin Bieber’s breakdown”

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“What is a 5150 hold and how can it help Amanda Bynes?”

“Paris’ suicide attempt was not cry for help”


The New York Times - “Schizophrenia and the art of the possible”


Cincinnati Enquirer - “Casual Prescribing”
(can’t find the link – Op-Ed from 2011)

JAMA - “A House Built Out of Madness”



 Dr. Farrell is a dynamic public speaker.  To learn more about her engaging presentation style, check out her TEDx Talk, “Creating Hope for Mental Health.”

She is enthusiastic to present a keynote talk for your next event.  Talks range from motivational to educational.

Contact Dr. Farrell directly for information about availability and fees.



questions and answers


I love PINK!!! (although I don’t think that would make a good

website color)

I definitely live my life in color – bright, happy, bol

d! Thinking about bursting sunshine,

bright blue skies. I love happy colors and am definitely

not a black and white person.

2)  fonts you enjoy.

I tend to like things simple. But I am a HUGE Woody Allen fan ... I’m not sure what font he uses for his movie credits, but I love that style.

3) list websites that you like and find attractive; some sites you find unattractive too.
- I like his website b/c I find that I can take a lot of good ideas from it. I like the links on the top and live twitter feed. This doctor is hugely successful doing what I want to do (treating patients and be coming a tv personality) – he is quite narcissistic though, and I think that shows in his website (i.e. it’s too wordy; his photo is too large on the front; etc.)

- Her website is a bit ugly I think and too brief. At the same time, she is very successful and there is something nice about the brevity of her site.

- I don’t like her site although she is also very successful. I think there are too many things on the cover page which is distracting and her photo is a bit weird. I also prefer the links to be across the top and not on the sides.

- This guy is successful too but I HATE his website. It’s too wordy and gives me a headache. Not appealing at all.

4) list your favorite things: food, wine, flowers, books/writers, cars, places to travel, people/mentors. This list doesn’t have to be long. It can be 2 things or as many as you like

My favorite flowers are pink tulips (also like sunflowers and daisies)

I love to spend time with people I love and also enjoy me eting new people. I’d much prefer a dive bar with few friends to a swanky overcrowded room. My favorite place to hang out is my roof deck which has an amazing view of downtown Boston and is a little oasis in the midst of the city. I love to travel and the best part is coming home. I love making my home a comfortable place full of things I love and relaxing at home is the best.  I love to eat (emphasis on steak) and drink (emphasis on nice wine and sometimes beer) and enjoy traveling to new locations and my former home of Ireland. Irish literature is amazing and I also love reading good contemporary fiction. I’m a budding writer and love the written word (own an old typewriter for inspirationin writing).

I appreciate vintage things and have many old-fashioned ways. For example, I still own my vintage VW Cabriolet and write letters to my friends and family. I actually have astationery desk where I write and keep a ton of adorable cards. I have a great spirit, tend to be very perky, and not only see my glass as half-full but

consider mine to be full and often overflowing!

5) Are you including Harvard on your website and if so, will it be listed only in your bio?

Yes! Definitely – I think Harvard is a big selling point for me as is the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center affiliation.

6) do you want to list the name of the person who took your headshot? Can list them under your photo OR in the footer. It’s not necessary yet some clients like to list these credits. No

7)  list some of your favorite literary writers.  JD Salinger, Jonathan Franzen, Tom Wolfe I also like chick-lit – Jane Green, Sophia Kinsella Irish writers – Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, James Joyce

8)  feel free to include anything else that you love that I’m not mentioning. Again, it does not have to do with your practice. Sometimes mentioning things outside of our careers gives me ideas for how to present content OR look for colors or layout ideas.  I lived in Ireland for 5 years and loved it! Am very nerdy and love practicing medicine. Getting a new medical journal in the mail is a highlight of my day although I tend to only read in detail the humanities articles (i.e. fiction / personal stories) I’m very active – LOVE to be outside and try new things (sailing, kayaking, etc.) I’m pretty good at running and golf. Practice yoga in the park in t

he summer. Love to knit and once sold my scarves in Dublin for 300 euros each, despite the fact that I’m a terrible knitter and they were full of holes!  People find me very friendly and also pretty quirky and in  teresting in a kind of ‘weird’ way. I’m the kind of person who makes things happen and believe that anything is possible!